RÉNA IMAN has gone from sticky notes covered with design ideas and sketches on my vision board to a full-fledged company. A true testament that you can manifest a vision into reality. At its core, RÉNA IMAN is a socially- conscious label that makes luxury affordable, simultaneously joining the fight to end domestic violence and provide aid to its countless victims.

RÉNA IMAN handcrafted products have been designed by a woman and each product has been named after a strong female figure in my life. Our handbags are classic and our bag charms have been designed for you to make a personalized touch using semi-precious stones. With every purchase a percentage of sales goes back to a local and national charity to collectively help change the lives of women and create our footprint towards stopping violence against women.


  • The moment I was tired of just thinking about starting a company.

MAY 2016

  • First set of samples arrived.


  • Luxuries With a Purpose was developed and both Charities were on board.

JULY 2017 

  • Pre-orders started and our website was launched.


  • Pre-orders went out and we have been extremely happy and have great gratitude for all the support our customers have given us ever since.